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Gwyn's T-Shirt, Novelty, and Book Hub



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This business plan is written to describe the business activities of Gwyn’s T-Shirt, Novelty, and Book Hub, a division of Voiceopin International, which is a nonprofit organization under the United States laws, to describe strategies to propel our growth. 

We will also put suitable marketing strategies in place to ensure that a large part of our target market is informed about the availability of our products and the benefits of allowing us to serve them. We are poised to be successful and project an adequate amount in revenue for our profitability and the sustainability of the business. 

The business plan is also intended to:

  • Provide a blueprint for the business and provide details of its activities.
  • Provide market insights that aid the feasibility study of the business and brew a new market area.
  • To highlight our operational plan, our vision and mission statements, the business objectives, services, as well as market analysis, among other contents of the business plan.


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