Collection: Veterans Day Tributes (Digital Free Downloads)

THANK YOU, VETERANS: Memorial Day to us is not a profit-making day. Therefore, no items related to Veterans will be sold. Instead, we see Memorial Day as a Special Thank You Day because all other days are considered just regular Thank You Days.

To show our appreciation and give back to you, we have designed digital Veteran's Affirmation Thank You Cards for veterans, friends and their families that can be download for free (note: our designers will charge $1.00 for any card that you would like to have pictures of your loved ones added to the card).  To have a card/s designed with your loved one/s, please contact us at, subject line: Digital Veterans Affirmation Thank You of digital card/s you would like for your loved ones to be on, pictures of loved one/s, number of cards for each digital design.  

The cards relate to both our dog soldiers and our human soldiers. Each month we will add new sayings that are also free.

Thank You Veterans for being here for us and BEING OUR HEROES.