About Voiceopin International: Vision, Brand, Motto, Mission, Goals


You'll Cherish Love; We'll Cherish Love; TOGETHER: We'll Hear, Cherish and Cease Their Crying


VOICEOPIN INTERNATIONAL is a 501 (c) (3) in operation since 2018.  EIN Number:  83-1847625.  Its VISION is to become the GLOBAL VOICE for the thousands of animals and people who are abused (either killed or emotionally scarred and/or physically disfigured) and for those who are hurting from life-changing tragedies).  The vision will be accomplished by

Building and operating a Child Abuse Museum and multi children’s complex comprised of an orphanage, education center, family convention/tourism center, divisional social programs, International Reach Out and providing Voiceopin Spiritual healing Journeys individuals who have been abused or neglected or their families have suffered from heinous situations they have encountered.

Gwyn's T-shirt, Novelty and Book Hub is one of the division social programs we operate.


The MISSION of Voiceopin International is to change society’s responses towards people and animals who have been affected by abuse and to help in the healing process for those who have endured a life-changing traumatic experience/s.

We will allow OUR LOVE for OUR LOVE STARS-child abused animals and people, dysfunctional families (including troubled youth and troubled animals), traumatized, bullied/bullier to aid us in hearing their cries and easing their pain and never forgetting those who have passed away. We will always stay vigilant and remain alert to the needs of those mentioned above: this will be ignited and maintained by an ever-burning flame inside of us that never ceases to exist.

Our MOTTO is You’ll Cherish Love; We’ll Cherish Love; and Together-We’ll Hear,Cherish and Cease Their Cries. 

Our ORGANIZATIONAL BRAND is love for "Love Brings Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self Control."  Our ORGANIZATIONAL BRAND incorporates our MISSION, MOTTO, and VISION.  It serves as the driving force to steer us and to provide the momentum to keep us moving constantly towards our MISSION and VISION and living up to our MOTTO.

Our GOALS to Build Awareness, Build Financial Resources, Build and Maintain Team-spirit, and Build and Maintain Exceptional Programs and Services works in collaboration with our MISSION, VISION, and ORGANIZATIONAL BRAND

We will accomplish our VISION, ORGANIZATIONAL BRAND, MOTTO, MISSION, AND GOALS by distinguishing ourselves from other services and organizations dedicated to serving child abuse, dysfunctional families, troubled youth, and troubled animals, traumatized, and bullied/bullier by the services we will be providing; the memorials we will be building; our definition of child abuse, dysfunctional families, troubled youth and troubled animals. and our love for our LOVE STARS.