About Us

 Gwyn’s T-Shirt, Novelty And Book Hub is a division of Voiceopin International.   Voiceopin International, a registered 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. *

Gwyn’s T-Shirt, Novelty And Book Hub was established because we care about people and what is happening in their lives to cause them so much pain, sorrow, and misery and to serve as one of the profit making arms for Voiceopin International..

For numerous reasons, many people develop low self-esteem and feelings of unworthiness. In turn, they struggle with believing in themselves and valuing who they are. This can and does negatively impact their lives and relationships with others and even with themselves.

For those who are hurting or wanting to help others: We offer to you custom designed T-Shirts, Novelties, and Books focused on helping you value who you are, who others are, and helping you to grow in believing that you are worthy. Valuing and believing in yourself is the foundation for you being able to build self-esteem and having the courage to believe in others. Our custom designed products are also designed to enable you to address social issues you have an interest in. We also have Merchant Partners we work with that allows us to offer you additional programs and services for you.

Our promise to you is when you purchase from Gwyn’s T-Shirt, Novelty And Book Hub, we promise that you will never walk alone for we will always be walking with you. That is because our hearts will become as one. Every design we develop or book we write comes from my heart and goes to yours.

* Voiceopin International’s MISSION is to revolutionize society’s response to abuse, providing healing for those affected by traumatic experiences. We redefined the definition of Child Abuse as follows:  The definition of child abuse is based upon any heinous act against another human being or animal which results in emotional or physical trauma or death.  Child abuse can and does include abusive acts by societal institutions including education, health, government, legal, family, strangers, friends, etc.  In addition, Child abuse is not limited to children between the ages of 0-18 as we normally define the age of children because regardless of a person’s age, that person is always someone’s child. Therefore, all ages are included in the act of child abuse and are based on age categories: babies, children, adults, and elderly.

Child Abuse is a worldwide issue.  It results from many factors including feeling stressful, anxiety ridden, and other factors that may cause you or your loved ones to behave towards a person in a child abusive manner. Every person is prone to child abusive behaviors, and we must constantly work to balance our lives to remain healthy and harmonious with nature.  

Ryan Wagstaff, President

Gwyndolyn McClellan, Vice President