Thank You

Thank You For Journeying With Us

Thank You For Journeying With Us

Your Good Deeds Shall Never Be Forgotten

Turning to the words of someone who has passed away but gave us the courage to continue forward when the journey became hard: "When one journeys in life alone, the way can be very difficult; but when one journeys with others, the path becomes so much easier."

Your JOURNEY WITH US can and has included financial support. shopping at Voiceopin Shopping Center (a store that has only items we have custom-designed-opening soon), shopping with our Merchant Partners, etc.

Nothing is too small to give ... whether it is your time, your financial contributions or even your blessings. Everything is appreciated.



We shall travel through this earth only one time.
What we do while we are here will determine
Where we go when we leave or even if we will be remembered.
How shall you live your life while you are here?
Shall you give to those who are less fortunate than you?
Shall you stop to help someone who seems to be lost and lonely?
Shall you comfort those who are mourning, in pain, and hurting?
Shall you spend quality time with God in prayer and meditation,
Even on those days when you have no pain or sorrow, but the
Sun shines brightly for you and your life is going well.
If you see a stray animal lying hurt or wandering aimlessly,
Shall you go to give it aid, feed it if it is hungry, or find it a home if it has none?
If your elderly neighbor is all alone, shall you go to visit,
Help out when help is needed?
If you can say yes to these questions, then when you pass from this earth,
You shall always be remembered and be in people’s hearts as a
Thought of yesterday for you have made a difference in
The lives of those who needed a helping hand. Think about
Your loved ones who have gone before you, don’t you remember
Those who reached out their hands to help others? Don’t they have a special
Don't they have a special place in your heart and soul?
You, too, shall not be forgotten …
You, too, shall always be remembered.  And when you leave this earth,
You will surely be heaven bound for you see you earned your
WINGS TO FLY WITH GOD while you were here on earth DOING GOOD DEEDS.
copyright: PStarks, R. Wagstaff, G. McClellan: 2000
Regardless of what your contribution has been, no matter how small; no matter how big or even if of little significance,

Thank you for your donations for you will always be in our hearts and you shall never be forgotten.  God Bless.


COPYRIGHT: Voiceopin Spiritual Journey and Voiceopin International:  2018

Illustrations: Google Images