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Child Abuse Abortion Flexi Cellphone Case

Child Abuse Abortion Flexi Cellphone Case

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The Child Abuse Abortion Flexi Cellphone Case is a unique product designed to raise awareness about child abuse. This case is perfect for showcasing your designer phone and custom designs. It features a frosty transparent case with a modern clear TPU shell that offers impact resistance, while allowing the aesthetics of your iPhone or Android to shine through.

This case is flexible and resistant to tear, ensuring durability and a long lifespan. It also features a protective layer that is frosty transparent, adding to its stylish design. Despite its durability, the case is lightweight and easy to handle.

The satin finish of the case adds a touch of elegance, while the UV printing ensures the print area on the rear surface remains vibrant and clear. The case fits snugly on your phone, with precisely aligned port openings for easy access. It is also wireless charging compatible, making it a convenient choice for modern smartphone users. This product is sourced from China.


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