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Beer Stein God Didn't Carte Blanche|Beer Stein

Beer Stein God Didn't Carte Blanche|Beer Stein

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Beer Stein

Introducing the Beer Stein, God Didn't Carte Blanche, a perfect blend of style and functionality. This 22 oz ceramic beer stein is not just a drinking vessel, it's a statement. Its design is meticulously crafted to minimize overflow, ensuring you enjoy your favorite cold beverage without any spills.

The stein boasts an extra wide base, a thoughtful feature to prevent accidental tipping. But it's not all about practicality. The intricate decoration and gold trim accents lend this stein a classic, timeless appeal. It's more than just a beer stein, it's a piece of art.

With a circumference of 8.5” and a diameter of 3.75”, this stein is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. However, remember not to microwave it due to its gold trim. Enjoy your drink in style with the Beer Stein God Didn't Carte Blanche.


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